5 Tips For Using Lighting to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

5 Tips For Using Lighting to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal can be a huge factor in how fast you can sell your home.  It’s your home’s first impression to potential buyers and you can’t risk turning them away from wanting to schedule a showing. In fact, the National Association of Realtors stated that 63 percent of home buyers will drive by after viewing a home they like online.

In a competitive market, having good curb appeal can help set your house apart from others. So in the midst of cleaning and staging the inside of the house, don’t forget to make the outside of your house a priority as well. Exterior paint, landscaping, and flowers are all important when considering curb appeal. However, many people overlook the importance of lighting.

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Many people who are planning to purchase a new home are doing so after long busy days at work, picking up their children from school and activities, preparing dinner, etc. So often times, especially in the winter, it’s already dark by the time they can drive by a house they are interested in. Therefore, having proper lighting around the exterior of your home is crucial in the process of selling your home.

Lighting increases your home’s curb appeal for the following reasons. 

  • Stand out. Next time you are driving down a street at night, notice the houses the stand out the most to you. It won’t surprise you that it’s the houses with proper and abundant lighting. You want your house to be easy to spot during drive by’s. More importantly, you don’t want people driving past your house because it was too dark to notice.
  • Security. It’s no secret that a well-lit porch and yard are deterrents to intruders, burglars, and trespassers. Lighting, especially motion detected lights, make your house less of a target. Also, if you position lights correctly, you can avoid dark areas around your house where intruders could potentially hide. Burglars don’t like the look of a warm and illuminated home but potential home buyers sure do! It’s a win win!
  • Safety. Dark pathways and stairs often cause tripping hazards and other accidents. You don’t want your guests or future home owner to be stumbling through the darkness and struggling to find their way to the door. A glowing path is the perfect way to make your home inviting and welcoming to visitors.

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Here are 5 tips for using lighting to increase your home’s curb appeal.

1. Install uplights to highlight your house’s architectural features.

The trick to this lighting technique is to create the perfect amount of light vs. shadow to highlight appealing features of your home, such as pillars, arches, dormers, and rock work.  You also want to avoid shining light directly into one of your home’s windows. This can be a little difficult and may require some help from a professional, but can be a great way to showcase your house.

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2. Install downlights to appear natural.

Sometimes exterior lights can look too harsh or indiscreet. The most appealing lighting effects are natural looking and imitate moonlight. One way to do this is to install downlights high up in structures or trees to create a cascade of soft lighting. This technique can be used to illuminate your pathway or yard and create an inviting appeal to your guests.

3. Incorporate lighting into your landscaping. 

Putting a few solar lights in your walkway is not enough to make a positive impact on your house’s curb appeal. You want your landscape lighting to be functional, cohesive, and add an overall interest in your home. If your home doesn’t have any architectural features you want to showcase, try making your landscape lighting the focal point of your yard.

It’s best to position lights to silhouette specific landscaping features, such as an attractive tree or bush or even a statue or water feature. Even if your yard isn’t filled with attractive or maturely planted features, creating areas of light and shadow can go a long way.

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4. Cross light some features.

With light comes shadows. Cross lighting objects with two or more lights can help you create fewer shadows. An outdoor lighting professional can help you with this technique, as it can be a little tricky.

5. Use timers. 

With all your hard work in creating a warm, illuminating effect on your home, it would be a shame if you forgot to turn your lights on. Just like those in the market to buy a home, you might be too busy and not get home to turn the lights on until after dark. Having your lighting professional put your lights on a timer will help you avoid potentially missing out on the opportunity to wow potential buyers. It will also also help you avoid coming home to a dark house yourself and ensure that your home is always safe and secure.  A timer will automatically turn on the lights at the set time, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about during the process of selling your house.

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I hope this article helps you understand the importance of using lighting to increase your house’s curb appeal and therefore increase the chances of selling your home quickly. If you consider these tips and implement the strategies, you’re sure to create an appealing and inviting home that will welcome in the perfect new owner.



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