Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

LED lighting is the one of the most preferred outdoor lighting technology today because it offers a variety of beautiful lighting options and it has high energy saving value. Plus, LED light bulbs last for a longer time than any other lighting bulbs.

However, LED lighting was not popular several years ago because of its inconsistencies and poor color quality. As the years passed, technological innovation in LED lighting improved, which tremendously increased its reliability and quality. Today, it is difficult to differentiate between a halogen light and LED landscape lighting. Most lighting professionals recommend using LED light fixtures when their customers want superior outdoor lighting quality.

Difference Between Incandescent and LED Light

The big difference between LED light and the traditional incandescent and halogen light is their bulb technology. With the incandescent and halogen lights, their bulb consists of a filament wire that is heated by electricity until it glows and creates light.

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, which is composed of an electric device that emits light when electricity passes through it. LED uses only 15 to 20% of the electricity that is used by the incandescent and halogen bulbs. These huge savings in electricity can really make a big difference in your monthly bill.

LED Lighting Benefits

  • LED Bulbs – its bulbs provide superior illumination and it is capable of controlling the beam spread of the lamps.
  • High Efficiency Value – it offers up to 85% less energy usage.
  • Longer Bulb Life – Many LED lights have a 5 year warranty or 50,000 hours warranty. Most halogen bulbs only provide 5,000 hours.
  • Huge Savings – Over time, the savings you get can already pay for your initial investment.

The Latest Outdoor Lighting Trends

The 2016 Houzz Landscaping & Garden Trends Study showed the latest trends in landscape lighting. According to their study, 57% of homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor space also opt to upgrade their outdoor lighting system. Of those homeowners who upgraded, 32% chose LED lights. The study shows that 79% uses LED outdoor lighting to illuminate features and create an ambiance. Then 64% used LED lights to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space. Other reasons are safety, curb appeal, and security.

LED Lighting Cost

The initial investment for LED landscape lighting system may be more expensive than the traditional incandescent or halogen lights, but you will definitely save money over time.

If you are currently using halogen outdoor lights, we can offer a LED conversion assessment for free. Converting your halogen lights to LED lights can be relatively simple based on the age of your current lighting fixtures. During the assessment, our professional lighting designers will visit your property to assess the current system. After doing the assessment, the designer will develop a plan for your LED upgrade.

If you have any questions regarding your LED lighting needs, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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