Creating Your Perfect Landscape Lighting System

Creating Your Perfect Landscape Lighting System

Creating Your Perfect Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System

Your plan for your landscape lighting system should always begin with a good vision. You should be able to visualize the landscape as it evolves through the passing of time. As the shrubbery beds are reconfigured, the trees grow and gain height, and the plants mature, your choice of lighting has to be flexible with these changes. The best choice for residential outdoor lighting is always  low voltage LED lighting. It can encompass the changes in the landscape with minimal disruption of the initial installation and allows for lots of design flexibility. These low voltage lighting systems are great for the slow-paced dynamic of the outdoor environment. When you create your landscape lighting, it is smart to plan for the future.

Landscape Lighting System

What is the purpose of the landscape lighting?

  • Landscape lighting should be able to re-establish the relationship of your house and the landscaping.
  • It should extend the hours of enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • It should be able to enhance the outdoor setting.
  • It should be able to provide safety and convenience for the homeowner and the guests.
  • Address the issue of security in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate.

In order to fulfill the purpose of landscape lighting, it is important to have a plan, design, and execution. Usually, the integration of low voltage outdoor lighting is an optional amenity that can be added after the construction is completed and the landscaping has matured. The outdoor lighting are often the final touch to a well-designed and properly maintained landscape. It is very important to choose the lighting that is most suitable and appropriate the landscaping design. There are some homeowners who will attempt to make their own plans for a landscape lighting system. There are also others who will just hire a landscape lighting professional.

The ideal lighting design must be able to meet to meet the practical and aesthetic needs of the homeowner, without adding too much maintenance requirement. You have to remember that outdoor lighting will always involve maintenance and service repairs. In order for your outdoor lighting to be effective and appropriate, it should involve better planning, design, and installation.

During the construction phase, it would be better to hire an outdoor lighting professional before your driveway and walkway pavement have been completed. This is also recommended if the site is already built and fully landscaped, but there are plans to change the landscaping such as the patio and walkways. It is better if the wiring system is put in place prior to the paving in order to avoid costly excavation at a later date.

Many low voltage outdoor lighting can be retrofitted into the existing landscaping. This can be accomplished easily with minimum disruptions by a professional and experienced designer or installer.

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