How to Install Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

How to Install Low Voltage Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design Techniques

There are some great landscape lighting ideas and techniques for installing your Landscape Lighting in the most beautiful and cost-effective way.  Here are just a few of them. At the end of this post I will include a link to one of my video’s that offers more detail on how to complete this.

One of the most forgotten outdoor spaces which is great for accent lighting is the front entrance. In the video you will see the front entrance of this project has two beautiful stone pillars on ether side. I used a small cap lighting, attached under both pillars, this will really light up the stone work in the dark. I really like using it for this type of project as you can barely see it, which is very important, because the whole point of adding accent lighting is to see the light not the fixture. I also lit up the stone pillars along the side of the house. In this case less is more, as I only lit up 3 of the 6 side pillars and 2 of the 6 end pillars.

All the time I see people use path lighting to light up their driveways. The problem with this is they don’t last as long and tend to get run over or destroyed in the winter weather. So instead with this project I focused on light up the trees that line the driveway. We used accent lighting and attached them directly to the tree.

The most common uses for the accent lighting is the use of them in a landscaped area to up light features in that area. A good tip is, try to really maximize the use of every single accent light, this can be a great cost saving tool. Again, less can be more, don’t try to light up every single tree or landscape feature. Just choose the main features and highlight them.


Finally, when it comes to paths consider trying something different. While path lights can be great, sometimes thinking outside of the box is the way to go. So, for the project in the video we considered placing our standard up light up in a few tall trees and point them downward. However, in the end we went with keeping it simple and just placed a few up lights on the ground pointed upwards at the lovely stone work on the house. As well as adding a few path lights on a couple of the other paths and stairways.

In the end if there is anything to take from this its that less can many times be more. It can assist in cutting the costs and can add a much cleaner, sleek look. For more information check out this video.

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