Save Money with Eco Friendly Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Save Money with Eco Friendly Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Save Money on Low Voltage and Budget-Friendly Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners prefer not to install landscape lighting because they think it would be costly. In the past, landscape lighting Canada designers and contractors use and install halogen lighting for their clients. Halogen lights produce a warm, amber glow which is perfect for night lighting. However, halogen is costly to run and it will definitely make your monthly electricity bills go higher. Halogen also requires regular maintenance and needs replacement after 8 to 12 months, depending on how long it is switched on every night.

LED Lighting

When you want a budget-friendly, low voltage landscape lighting, your best option is LED lighting. Wherever you go, halogen lighting is now being replaced with a more energy-efficient LED lighting. If you ask any professional landscape designers and contractors, most of them will tell you that they use LED lighting for their landscape lighting design.

You can definitely save money on LED bulbs because you rarely need to replace them. LED bulbs are known for being a low voltage light so it won’t be too costly for you in terms of monthly electric bills. Also, LEDs may only require the use of a smaller transformer, which greatly lowers your landscape lighting budget.

More Advantages of LED Lighting

Since LED bulbs are far more energy efficient than halogen lights, professional landscapers can run more LEDs and create better lighting designs with fewer restrictions. It is also easier and faster to install because it does not have too many wires to bury.

Unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights always stay cool so you can place them next to your plants without worrying about burning the foliage.

Manufacturers of LED lights are now producing lighting fixtures that are sturdier, last longer, and designed for the outdoors. The light quality and the colors of LED bulbs are also much better with warmer tones that are suitable for the yard and garden.

Few Tips to Consider When You Are On a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget and you can only afford to install a limited number of LED lights, then you can follow some of the tips below to help you get the most out of your money. These are the areas that you should prioritize when you are planning on designing night lighting in your home.

Large trees, unique looking plants, and fountains are some of the focal areas that you can consider to place your LED lights. When you put a spotlight on these objects, you can create a more dramatic tone to your landscape. Your professional landscaper can choose a variety of lighting techniques to make your focal area stand out.

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