Outdoor Lighting: DIY VS Hiring a Professional

Are you planning to start a new outdoor lighting project? When you want to improve your property, there is always the option to do it yourself or hire a outdoor lighting professional to do it for you. With the help of the internet, it is easier for most homeowners to find tutorials or DIY instructions regarding landscape lighting and outdoor lighting renovation. However, professionals have a more experienced eye, which means they really know what light fixtures to use in a particular area or situation and what light elements are more suitable for your property. You can consider some of the factors below when deciding whether you are going for the DIY or hire an outdoor lighting professional.

Many homeowners who chose the DIY route usually pick solar lighting for their outdoor lighting project. Solar lights are preferred by many people because it is cheaper, energy efficient, and very easy to install. There are no wiring to fix and you can just push the solar lighting fixtures down into the soft ground.

Solar lights may be too easy to install and they sound very cost effective, but solar lighting has some disadvantages. Solar light fixtures are usually made from cheap plastics that are not built to withstand the outside environment for a long period of time. Also, you cannot control when you want to turn it off or on, and it only emits a dim glow, which is not ideal if you want a brighter light to illuminate a pathway.

It is safe to say that, unless you are an expert in outdoor lighting installation, it would be difficult for you to surpass the quality of work of many experienced lighting professionals.

Hiring a lighting professional can provide so many benefits for your outdoor lighting project. They can create impeccable lighting designs that combine both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. When the lighting designs are perfectly implemented, they can:

  • Enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your home.
  • Give you a stronger sense of security and safety.
  • Provides more space for entertainment and enjoyment in the evening.

Your professional light installer can give you expert advice on how to pick the right light fixtures for your property. They can discuss with you about the best lighting options and LED lights that fit your budget. You can also ask which light fixtures are more energy efficient to help you save on electricity costs.

A professional light installer has extensive knowledge on the wattage needs of an outdoor lighting system. You should remember that indoor wiring is very different from outdoor wiring, so you need a professional to handle the installation. There are many external factors that outdoor lighting professional have to consider during installation such as temperature, bugs, pets, and humidity, which can affect the performance of the lighting system.

Hiring a outdoor lighting professional may cost more than doing it yourself, but a professional can help you keep the project on budget, help you avoid mistakes and costly repairs, and save you time on research.

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