The Latest Technology Advances In Outdoor Lighting

The Latest Technology Advances In Outdoor Lighting


Thanks to the latest technology outdoor landscaping lighting is better than ever! In the past, people have been hesitant to use lighting in their landscape, but these technological advances have made lighting more efficient, easy to install, and best of all, user-friendly. In this post, we will outline the improvements that have been made to exterior lighting and the different technologies that are offered and available to you.

LED Lights

Lightbulbs alone used to be one of the many reasons people were once reluctant to use landscape lighting. Continually having to replace burnt out bulbs was annoying and frustrating. But today’s innovative LED bulbs now last 10 to 15 years. Plus, they provide the same warm lighting as halogen and incandescent!

LEDs have also come a long way! Not only are they more durable and more energy efficient, but they also last longer. LED lights today can last anywhere from 50,000 – 100,000 hours, which is about 11 years! Even better, LED lights use approximately 329 kwh per year vs 3285 kwh per year for incandescent bulbs, which also saves you money on energy costs.

Color Themes

There’s even more to love about LED lights! They now come in a variety of colors. Using the Luxor ZDC, you can have access to 30,000 colors for your landscape lighting! The color palette menu allows you to save up to 250 custom colors by selected a hue and saturation. Also using the Luxor ZDC, you can add themes to your control system. This means you can have orange lights in the fall, green and red for the holidays, and any other fun colors you’d like to incorporate into your landscape lighting throughout the year- game days, special occasions,  etc.!

luxor color


Lighting Timers

You won’t believe the technological advances in timers these days. You’ll see new “smart timers” on the market and they are truly a MUST for your landscape lighting. They use your zip code to auto-adjust to the specific sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. They are also seasonally smart and will automatically detect when days get darker earlier in the winter. They leave very little work for you!


The greatest part about all these new and exciting technological advances in landscape lighting is that they are also easier than ever to operate and control. If you want more control options than timers, like zoning, dimming, and color changing, we’ve got that for you too!  

Many companies are now coming out with smart technologies and designing apps to control outdoor lighting systems. Many systems are even compatible with smart homes and gadgets like Alexa and Google Home. So you can control your landscape lighting even when you aren’t home and at the command of your voice.


Landscape lighting enhances the appearance, value, safety, and security to any property. Today’s technology gives you greater options that will save you money and energy, along with easier installment and management. To shop our collection of LED Landscape Lighting DIY Kits with WiFi Controls, go here. We take great pride in offering premium materials and products as well as video tutorials and resources to support you with installation and maintenance.  

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