Tools Required for Your Landscape Lighting Project

Tools Required for Your Landscape Lighting Project

Have you ever wondered what tools will be required when it comes time to install your landscape lighting? Here is a list of the tools that may be required. Along with a small explanation on each of the tools that may be needed throughout the course of your project. We have also included links you may want to read for a more in depth description about each tool.

  1. Wire cutters – A good set of wire cutters that can be used for stripping and cutting low voltage landscape lighting cable. Click Here for More Info
  2. 12/2 Low Voltage Cable Voltage drop chart – Click Here to See 12 Gauge Voltage Chart
  3. Rubber Mallet – To be using to hammer in the ground stakes and setting lights. Click Here for More Info
  4. Garden Spade Shovel – For use in burying the landscape wires. Click Here for More Info
  5. Mini Round-point shovel – This tool can be great for digging small holes and setting lights. Click Here for More Info
  6. Landscape Staples- You will be using these securing low voltage cable under mulch etc. Click Here for More Info
  7. Wion Outdoor Wifi Switch-This can turn any outdoor lighting into smart wifi system also great for Christmas lights etc. Click Here for More Info
  8. Waterproof wire – We recommend two types. See our website for more details. Click Here for More Info  
  9. 12/2 Low Voltage Direct Burial Ground Cable – This is the most commonly used low voltage landscape lighting wire. It is typically large enough for any LED Landscape Lighting Project of 25 to 30 lights or less. Click Here for More Info
  10. King Innovation Tree Mounting Stake – They are used for easily installing down-lighting up in trees. Click Here for More Info
  11. 1/2″ Threaded Flange – These are often used to secure lights to structures like roofs, siding etc. Click Here for More Info
  12. Hex Baffles – You will need to use these to reduce the glare that can be created by landscape lighting. Click Here for More Info
  13.  Gutter Mount – These fixtures are used to attach lighting to your gutters. Click Here for More Info
  14. Metal Weed Puller – This tool is great for pushing low voltage cable into ground or gardens. Click Here for More Info

The above tools will assist you in completing your landscape lighting project like an expert.



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